Workshops 2015

These individual Workshops are in person. These range from beginning to advanced students. Check back often!

A lot of these workshops are not geared to a particular religion, we lots of diversity!

**Harry Potter Workshop Series: $7ea
Runes, Incantations, Talismans n’ Charms, Defend Yourself Against the Dark Arts, Potions.

**JUJU Poppets: Workshop: [beginner] $35ea Voodoo Dolls/Poppets: We shall make a voodoo doll of ourselves. Learn the different ways a Voodoo Doll is used.

**BMS: Ribbon Magick, [beginner] $8. An age old tradition of playing with colored ribbons rooted in folk magick. We shall make a dancing ribbon wand.

**Candle Magick: $25 Come and create a real magickal candle, we supply all that you need. Learn how to use magickal candles in your everyday spiritual and ritual work.

**Astrology, Advanced. ~14 classes, $225 History, Tradition, Zodiac, Horoscope, Signs, Elements, Planetary, Rulership, Western, Indian, Chinese.. etc centera. This is a complex course.

**Working with Candle Flames: $15 [Psychic Development]

**Spellcrafting, 3 lessons into the methodology of writing your own spells. $40

**Energy Flow Workshop: $25, Learn how to recognize the flow of natural, healing and paranormal energy signatures all around. This workshop is open to everyone.

**Tombstone Rubbings: $20 We love this one! We supply everything you need. Join us as we visit the local cemetery. Copy a masterpiece!

**BMS: Runes: Casting and Reading. Learn all about the Runes and how they are used from history to reading and casting. 1.5 hrs each, 4weeks. $80

**BMS: *Discovering the Magick of Tarot: This advanced course includes, but not limited to: Reading, Understanding the various aspects of the different tarot cards. 6 workshops, @1.5 hrs $180

**Crystals n’ Gems, Learn energy control and distinction of each stones energy signature, ongoing class, [5 stones] $7

**BMS: *Aromatherapy, The Magick of. Come and harness the healing power from the world of aroma. Includes the knowledge of vaporizers, baths, steam, compresses, incense, 20 popular fragrances, blending your own, moisturizers, shampoo, and vapor rubs. 7 workshops @ 1.5 hrs ea. Pick up a supply list beforehand. $180

**WORKING WITH PENDULUMS: Let us show you how to use your pendulum. Are you using your right? Includes a mat. $18

**BMS: Feng Shui, The Magick of. Come discover the 4,000-year-old subtle energy balancing…. Includes Feng Shui Astrology, Chi flow, Five Elements, Yin n’ Yang, history, building sectors, numbers, household rooms. Advanced: 1 class, 1.5 hrs@ $35

**BMS: The Magick of Palm Reading: Advanced: Includes understanding the various aspects of the palm lines. 3 classes @ 1.5hrs $95

**BMS: Ribbon Magick, Understanding. An age old tradition of playing with colored ribbons rooted in folk magick. Includes various designs, colors, how to. 1 class @2hrs @ $33

***Energy Flow, #2: $35, An extension to the earlier workshop. We shall flow into the various energy signatures with the power of 3, your Inner power, utilizing the energy all around.

**The Magic of Charms and Symbols. Advanced, Luck, Love, Prosperity. A Charm for every season, A Charm for every purpose under the Sun. 1.5hrs, $35 plus material.

**BMS: Understanding your Dreams: Analyzing your dreams is a fascinating process that can reveal much about your thoughts, feelings, and relationship with the outside world. Includes discussion on the different aspects of life, etc.. ~3 classes @ 1.5 hrs ea. Advanced. $99

**Magickal Creatures, Harnessing the Magickal power of Gargoyles, Griffins, Dragons, Pixies, Sprites, etc… Learn how to use the energy signature they represent and utilize it. Ongoing workshops.
1.5hr. $18 [Psychic Development] [Healing Arts].

**Creating a Magickal Circle. Cleansing, prep, casting, elements, deity’s, chanting, raising energy. From start to finish. 3 classes. $45

**Healing Arts. Come learn the ever extensive historical subject of the healing Arts. An ongoing discussion, extensive, and complex course. Going back from ancient history to the modern age.

*Voodoo Gris~Gris Bags, $45,

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