LHAT Green n’ White

Lady Hathor Aire Tea, Green n’ White: [loose leaf]

Citrus green, $2.50oz
Genmaicha, $3.50oz
Ginger orange peach, $2.25oz
Sencha green, $3.25oz
Green, $1.50oz
Green, decaf, $3.00oz
Gunpowder green, $1.75oz
Immortalitea, $2.00oz
Jasmine pearls, $7.00oz
Jasmine tea, $2.75oz
Kukicha twig, $4.25oz
Moroccan mint, $1.75oz
Pineapple papaya green, $3oz
Young Hyson, $1.75oz

White Tea:
Pomegranate, $4oz
Bai mu dan, $3.75oz

Prices are current as of 070118.  Prices change and will be adjusted on your order when needed.

We will contact you with any adjustment.