Lady Hathor Aire Tea: [loose leaf]

Chai, $3.50oz mbs
Chia, decaf, $3.50oz mbs
Herbal chocolate chai, $2.50oz mbs
Rooibos Masala Chai, $4.00oz mbs

Decaf Tokyo Green Tea Chai
Chia, Black flavored
Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai
Vanilla Chai
Chai, Green
Genmaicha Chai
Green Tea Chai
Madras Fusion Green Tea Chai
Chia, Herb n’ Fruit
Orchard Fresh Chai
Chia Tea, Herbal
Izmir Chai Spice
Roasted Mate Chai

Chia Tea, Specialty
Bangalore Rose Chai
Cochin Masala Chai
Indian Mocha Chai
Indian Spiced Chai
Kama Sutra Chai
Lemongrass Chai

Prices are current as of 070118.  Prices change and will be adjusted on your order when needed.

We will contact you with any adjustment.