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Lady Hathor Aire: Tea’s, Apothecary
All her products are natural and have never been tested on animals.
We are trained in Herbology and mix most of our own herbal tea blends.
We are organic and fair trade!

   Black Tea, China
Black tea linked to a reduced risk of Ovarian Cancer: According to the latest research from America, black tea has been found to reduce the possible risk of ovarian cancer. The study found that women drinking two or more cups of black tea a day had a 30% reduction in risk of ovarian cancer.

Black tea could lower risk of Parkinson’s disease: Drinking black tea regularly could reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, concluded a study.

Black Tea, Flavored
What makes our luxury flavored teas stand out from the rest? Premium leaf: Light & flavor 100% exclusive High Grown Ceylon teas from estates above the 5500 ft level. 100% All-Natural Flavoring: Pure flavoring oils with no chemical residue or aftertaste. Ethical Production: Many tea manufacturers use second grade leaf from questionable sources to make flavored teas. The belief is that flavoring will mask the character of poor tea. Our teas are sourced from premium ETP certified estates and our chemical free process means they taste great and are good for the Earth at the same time.

Estate Tea:
India (Assam, Nilgiri, Darjeeling) Nepal, Sikkim, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Delight your senses with incredible handmade artisan tea creations. These artisan teas conceal worlds of mystery and soft flavors deep within their shell-like exteriors. The techniques used to create them have been handed down from generation to generation and haven’t changed in centuries. If you look closely, you can even see the string used to tie the broad-leafed, spring production tea, chosen leaf by leaf by the artists themselves.

Green Tea:
Burn Fat Quickly with Green Tea Burning calories is not easy—it takes a lot of energy and effort to remove huge amounts of fat, but with the help of green tea extracts you can easily speed up the burning process. Researchers have discovered that drinking a cup of green tea daily will boost your metabolism from 8 to 14 percent.

Green Tea, Flavored
Loose leaf teas have been scented and blended for centuries. In ancient China, tea artisans developed many different methods for creating fruit and floral blends to tempt taste buds and delight the senses. Our flavored green teas are an updated example of this continuing tradition. All natural flavors, premium fruit and flower pieces blend harmoniously with either a light flavory Sencha or medium bodied Gunpowder style leaf.

White Tea:
A selection of loose white teas fit for a king
While white tea is a relative new comer to the Western tea scene, it’s actually one of the oldest forms of tea in existence. White tea was originally served exclusively to the emperors of China.  The tea gets its name from the very fine, silvery white hairs on the unopened buds of the tea plant.  (On many varieties of our teas these buds are still visible on the finished leaf.)  Like Super Tuscan red wines or les Grand Crus de Burgoyne, these are teas to appreciate and savor.

White Tea, Flavored
Naturally flavored White tea makes an amazing addition to any tea selection. Why? Let is introduce you to the wonders of White tea. White varieties have been going through something of a boom in recent years, particularly amongst baby boomers seeking out healthier food choices. White tea is very high in poly-phenols and antioxidants and can be enjoyed any time of day. Our flavored varieties mean your customers can enjoy all the goodness, and something different, all week long.

English Favorites:
It is impossible to speak of tea without speaking of England. The country’s history with the noble beverage goes as far back as 1600. In that year the British East India Co. was granted a charter and the quest for tea was on. The drink quickly took Britain by storm and over the centuries, countless blends were developed to cater to the tea loving populace. We’re pleased to offer a large collection of the best of these created using centuries old insider recipes.

 Rooibos Tea: Flavored
Rooibos has been getting an amazing amount of press recently. As people begin searching for healthy alternatives to soft drinks, rooibos, with its poly-phenols, iron, zinc, fluoride, calcium and magnesium fits the bill. Enjoyed in South Africa for centuries, rooibos was first made available to Westerners by a Russian émigré named Benjamin Ginsberg. He recognized that its beneficial properties and wonderful taste made it an excellent caffeine free alternative to traditional caffeinated teas. We agree!

 Oolong Tea:
Enter the Black Dragon
Semi-fermented Oolong teas, (Oolong means Black Dragon in Chinese) are immediately recognizable due to their stout, crinkled, rolled leaf style. When infused, the tea unfurls revealing full leaves with bruised, slightly reddish edges. The light liquor and palate cleansing profile make Oolong teas the perfect companion to Asian themed meals.

 Chai Tea:
Piping hot Chai holds a warm place in the heart of India. Although it might sound odd that a scorching hot beverage be so widely enjoyed in one of the world’s warmest countries, chai actually cools the body. It does this by raising core body temperature above ambient air temperature. But the best part of course is the exotic tapestry of spice that weaves through each flavorful sip. NOTE: Like our teas, all spices sourced for these blends were grown in sustainable environments.

Decaf Tea
Who says that decaf lovers have to sacrifice great taste. Processed without chemicals, these teas retain all the depth and flavor of their counterpart.

Tea Supply’s, Tea Pots:
Wonderful cast iron and ceramic tea pots from around the world!

Medical~Herbal Tea Blends:
Lady Hathor Aire  Signature Teas
Medical n’ Magickal Tea blends from our own in house creator. Come experience the wonderful flavors and healing wonders of the world. Each tea has a natural history all it’s own. Come explore the world over! There is always a pot brewing in Mystic Arts, Ltd. You will be back for more!

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