January 2019

Temple of the Phoenix 817 SW Adams, Peoria 309-282-6768 or generalmysticartsltd@yahoo.com [[RSVP]] at least 1 day in advance, please.$50 monthly, [Billed monthly]

Every Sunday evening we release a section or 3-5 pages of class material. Homework would be due by Thursday if any are due. At the end of #2, you will have a full reference book to go back to time and time again. Cherokee traditionalist~,Herbalist. #101 starts the first week in January, Another class starts the first week in July. # Sign up online. #202, starts the first week of April and first week of October. Magickal~Medical~Culinary.  . [available online]


Wednesday, January
6pm ~ CIPI Team, The Original Haunted Peoria Tours

Saturday, January
2:30pm ~ $

Saturday, January
2:30pm ~

Sunday, January UWLC
1:30pm ~
[Universal Wellness Learning Center]

Saturday, January
2:30pm ~

Monday, January
6pm ~ 8pm
Body, Mind and Spirit

Saturday, January
2pm ~ Discussion:
4pm ~ Drumming Circle, $5

Saturday, January
8pm ~ Full Moon   RSVP
Celebration/Ritual: Gather in ritual to honor our Lady of the Moon with our Words of Power, Candle magick, Elemental magick, and the power of the circle. $5

CIPI Team: First Wednesday. 6pm, Discussions, Field Trips
[Paranormal][The Original Haunted Peoria Tours].

Native American: 4th Saturday.
Workshops, Discussions: 2pm, $
Drumming Circle: 4PM: $5
[Native American, Peoria}

UWLC: 2nd Sunday of the month @ 1:30pm
[Universal Wellness Learning Center]

Full Moon Gathering: check above!

Workshops: every Saturday, 2:30pm [except where noted]
[Temple of the Phoenix].

Body, Mind & Spirit: Beginner~Advanced Workshops, 3rd Monday and Tuesday, 6pm

Classes, intro, available online! [Temple of the Phoenix]

Advanced Classes~ available online. [Temple of the Phoenix]


contact us at: generalmysticartsltd@yahoo.com RSVP at least 1 days in advance, please.