Haunted Peoria Tours

Come on out as we forge thru the several places of documented “activity areas”. We will show you the how and why. Grabbed right out of the pages of the “Peoria Historical Society”. We will review the evidence the CIPITeam discovered and with our own in town Psychic Mz. Kaye as our guide, we shall travel and discover ourselves. [She will also show us how to tell the difference].

Please be respectful.

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Each tour has an expiration date. Only prepaid will guarantee your spot.

Tours are available until 4 days before or until they are sold out. First come, first served.

No Refunds. Tour starts on time. No show, no refund. Don’t be late. In the case of rain, alternative dates will be posted. Tickets expire 30 days after scheduled event.


Our office is located within 817 SW Adams, Peoria, Illinois 61602
Someone there will be able to help you.  cipiteam@yahoo.com

ATTENTION: [The Peoria Park District, Springdale Cemetery, the City of Peoria, State of Illinois, Peoria Historial Society, Journal Star, any and all book references made. Are not in any way related to our events. We operate as and individual group providing information to the general public. Our fees are charged for just that, “providing a service”.


August 2nd, 2017~ Wednesday, 7pm, Cooper Park $8

September 3rd, 2017~ Sunday, 5pm, Shelton Gang $8

October 1st, 2017~ Sunday, 5pm, Bookbinder $8

October 8th, 2017~ Sunday, 4pm, Springdale #1 $10
[some information obtained from the Springdale Cemetery archives].

October 15th, 2017~ Sunday, 5pm, Native American/French Burial Grounds, $10

October 22nd, 2017~ Sunday, 4pm, Springdale #2 $10
[some information obtained from the Springdale Cemetery archives].

October 28th, 2017~ Saturday, 4pm, Cooper Park $8

October 30th, 2017~ Monday, 8pm, Seance, Talking with the Spirits. $25

November 8th, 2017~ Wednesday, 6pm, Discussion: Residual energy versus an actual “Ghost” $8 RSVP

March 7th, 2018~ Wednesday, 6pm, Discussion:

April 4th, 2018~ Wednesday, 6pm, Discussion: Photograph’s $5

May 2nd, 2018~ 6pm, Field Trip:

June, 2018~ Sunday,