December 2018

Temple of the Phoenix~ 817 SW Adams, Peoria~ 309-282-6768 or [[RSVP for all events, workshops, etc.]] at least 1 day in advance, please.

Saturday, December 1st
2:30pm ~ $8
Workshop: Full Moon, Celebration/Ritual. Learn one way of honoring the moon during the ‘Full Moon. This includes learning the ritual of the moon.

Wednesday, December 5th
6pm ~ CIPI Team, The Original Haunted Peoria Tours

Saturday, December 8th
2:30pm ~ $8
Workshop: Egypt, Ancient~ Culture~ Magickal aspect, Gods n’ Goddesses.

Sunday, December 9th UWLC
1:30pm ~ $65
Energy Healing~ Native American, we utilize a Cherokee Healing/Ritual with Eastern Chi balancing. This method works at unblocking the energy flow with Native American n’ Eastern philosophy.
[Universal Wellness Learning Center] [Native American, Peoria]

Saturday, December 15th
2:30pm ~ $8
Workshop: Druidism, An introduction to the historical ancient world of Druids.

Monday, December 17th
6pm ~ $25
Energy Flow~ $25, How to recognize the natural flow of the energy signatures all around including the living elements. [Psychic Development] [Body, Mind and Spirit] [Meditation]

Native American Day
Saturday, December 22nd
2pm ~ Workshop: $30. Native American Spirit Plates. Spirit plates are used for your offerings [spirit guides, the Ancestors or other entities where food or seed is placed outside for the animals to feast upon.
4pm ~ Drumming Circle, $5
6pm ~ Winter Solstice, $15  Bring a dish to pass. Join us as we celebrate the longest night of the year. This is the birth of several Gods. Cake and Ice cream!
8pm ~ Full Moon $5  Come let’s celebrate The longest night of the year as well. From this moment forward the night get shorter preparing for the planting season. Celebration/Ritual: Gather in ritual to honor our Lady of the Moon with our Words of Power, Candle magick, Elemental magick, and the power of the circle.

Herbology #101 ~ $50 monthly, [Billed monthly] Every Sunday evening online. we release a section or 3-5 pages of class material. Homework would be due by Thursday if any are due. At the end of #2, you will have a full reference book to go back to time and time again. Cherokee Traditionalist~Herbalist. #101 starts the first week in January. 

Saturday, December 29th
2:30pm ~ $10
Discussion: Voodoo~ African, An interesting and fascinating world.
Monthly schedule.
CIPI Team: first Wednesday. Discussions, Historical Field Trips
[Paranormal][The Original Haunted Peoria Tours].

Native American Day
Workshops, Discussions: 4th Saturday.
Drumming Circle
[Native American, Peoria}

UWLC: 2nd Sunday @ 1:30pm
[Universal Wellness Learning Center]

Full Moon Gathering: check the calendar above.

Workshops: every Saturday
[Temple of the Phoenix]

Body, Mind & Spirit: Beginner~Advanced Workshops, 3rd Monday n’ Tuesday.
These workshop are geared for the body, mind and spirit. Open to everyone.

Classes, intro, available online! Advanced Classes~ available online.                            [Temple of the Phoenix] Magickal~Medical~Culinary

Herbology #101 and #201~ $50 monthly, [Billed monthly] Every Sunday evening we release a section or 3-5 pages of class material. Homework would be due by Thursday if any are due. At the end of #2, you will have a full reference book to go back to time and time again. Cherokee Traditionalist~Herbalist.#101, starts the first week in January, Another class starts first week in July.  #202, starts the first week of April and first week of October.

Psychic Development:
A basis to find out about your personality, to help realize your own potential and where it should be focused.  Many people refuse to accept that they have any type of psychic abilities.

Most people are born with a certain degree of psychic ability, ESP, DEJA VU. It’s precognitive, A lot of people are frightened of their abilities, they are found in mental wards, on drugs, they are alcoholics because they don’t understand what is going on within themselves. We work with each person to slowly gather and hone in and take control on each person’s ability, while slowly increasing and finding out exactly what each person’s ability is.

contact us at: or 309-282-6768. RSVP at least 1 days in advance, please.