Good Luck Charm:
Love: Are you tired of being alone and wondering when you’ll find “The One?” This charm ‘calls out’ draws to you a relationship based on true love and friendship. $27.95ea

Good Luck and Fast Money: For those in need of a fast, one time source of money or gamble win. One time only. $27.95ea

Good Luck Charm: Wealth and Prosperity: Get results from the effort you’ve been putting into your business or career. This charm will call success, long lasting financial security and life’s luxuries to those who are willing to work for it, or who have worked for it.

Good Luck Charm: Serenity: Though your life is disrupted or chaotic, retain your balance. This charm will help you stay centered and maintain your inner peace amidst the difficulties swirling around you. $27.95ea

Good Luck Charm: Fertility: Yearning for life to grow within you and to hold a child in your arm? This affirmation focuses on achieving a successful pregnancy. $27.95ea

Let Mz. Kaye design a special charm for you.

Magickal Herbs: $8 pkg [See for a complete listing]

contact us at: to order your charm. We will send you an invoice. [Shipping in the US only]

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