August 2016

Illinois Institute of Metaphysics 817 SW Adams, Peoria 309-282-6768 RSVP
[Temple of the Phoenix]

Monday, August 1st
all day
Lammas–Festival of thanksgiving for the first of the grain harvest; celebrated by offering the first fruits of the grain harvest and prayers for sustenance for all.

Wednesday, August 3rd
6pm ~ 7:30pm $8 RSVP 309-282-6768
Field Trip: Paranormal, Haunted Peoria Tour
“Bookbinder” Come on over and hear the tale of “Bookbinder” No name, No speak, He just cries… and you can hear him cry to this day…….

Friday, August 5th
5pm ~ 8:30pm free
Art-space, Peoria FIRST FRIDAY
Come on out and check out the local artist.

Saturday, August 6th
1:30pm ~ $7
class: #36 Moon Lore~ Esbats, Come explore moon ritual and the energy the moon controls.
3pm ~ $1
workshop: Witches Brew, Coffee & Conversation, a brief introduction to the Temple of the Phoenix, Paganism, and the Craft.

Monday, August 8th thru August 31st.
6pm ~7:30pm $180 RSVP 309-282-6768
Workshop: *Discovering the Magick of Tarot: “How to read those darn cards!” This advanced course includes, but not limited to reading, understanding the various aspects of the different tarot cards. 6~8 workshops. Monday and Wednesday, August 8th thru August 31st.

Saturday, August 13th
1:30pm ~ $7 UWLC
3pm ~ #7
workshop: #HP Beginners Runes

Sunday, August 14th
1:30pm ~ $175 RSVP 309-282-6768
Workshop: Chi Balancing ~ Learn how to tune the body to each of our own internal Chi balance.

Thursday, August 18th
8:30pm ~ $5 RSVP
gathering: Full Moon Gathering, Let’s come together to celebrate the power of the full moon, candle magick. Do you have a wish to ask the moon?

Saturday, August 20th
1:30pm ~ $7
class: #00 Various forms of the Craft. Let’s take a look at the historical evidence and another form of archeological and anthropological discoveries. Including information from other sources.
3pm ~ $25
workshop: **Tombstone Rubbings: We love this one! We supply everything you need. Join us as we visit the local cemetery. Copy a masterpiece!

Saturday, August 27th
Native American, Peoria
1:30pm ~ $30 RSVP A MUST 309-282-6768
workshop: **Make a medicine bag, Come create your own medicine bag. We supply most of what you need.
3pm ~ $5
Native American Drumming Circle

Ye Witches of Young Coven, [Doesn’t necessarily mean young just new] 4th Tuesday of the Month. Orientation: Open House, August 13th, 2016

Egyptian Coven: 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 6pm, Orientation: Open House, August 13th, 2016

Voodoo Gathering, 3rd Thursday of each month, [Voodoo, Peoria] $8
Orientation: Open House, August 13th, 2016

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