Native American Workshops

Native American Workshops~Gatherings 309-282-6768 LM

**Make a medicine bag, Come create your own medicine bag. We supply most of what you need. RSVP $30

**Energy Flow: Learn how to recognize the flow of natural and healing energy all around in Mother Nature. This workshop is open to everyone. RSVP $25 Saturday, 1:30pm,

**Do you know what your animal guides are? Did you know you have more than one? An interesting quiz. Just because you like a certain animal doesn’t necessarily mean it is your animal guide. RSVP $30 Saturday, 1:30pm,

**History: Native American, Aztec, Mayan. RSVP $0 Saturday, 1:30pm,

**Vision Quest Transformation, A group healing ritual.

**Once a year we gather for our journey into our own Vision Quest Path Ceremony. Opens your mind to receive visions from the Ancestors.

**Medicine Wheel Healing Ritual, A group healing ritual, Come and experience our own Cherokee Healing Ritual.

**Dance Around the Fire. Come join us as we celebrate the joy of life. We will even teach you this wonderful dance!

**How to Summon the Great Spirit.

**Crystals n’ Gems, Learn energy control and distinction of each stones energy signature. ongoing class.

**Exploring and Developing Your Native American Spirituality.

**Purification ~ Cleansing Ceremony, Native American, A group healing ritual.

**Native American Spiritual Circle, A group healing gathering.

**Drumming ~ Chanting. Gathering 4th Saturday each month.

**Spirit Plates (Native American). Made as an offering plate to the ancestors, spirit guides.

**History: Native American Shamanism[?]. Medicine Man [Woman].

**Native American Totems, history

**Workshop: Spirit Guide Totempole: Come and make a clay totem pole of three of your spirit animals.

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