September 2016

Illinois Institute of Metaphysics 817 SW Adams, Peoria 309-282-6768 RSVP
[Temple of the Phoenix]

Friday, September 2nd
6pm ~ 8:30pm free
FIRST FRIDAY: “Artist under 16”
Art-Space, Peoria
Come on out and check out the local artist.

Saturday, September 3rd
1:30pm ~ $7 #1, #2, #3
class: So you want to be a Witch.
3pm ~ $1
workshop: Witches Brew, Coffee & Conversation, a brief introduction to the Temple of the Phoenix Paganism and the Craft.

Wednesday, September 7th
6pm ~ $8 RSVP 309-282-6768
Field Trip: Haunted Peoria Tour, Shelton Gang.

Saturday, September 10th
1:30pm ~ $7
class:#04 History of the Witch, Esoteric~Historically, Paganism.
3pm ~ $7
workshop:HP Series, Incantations

Sunday, September 11th
UWLC RSVP 309-282-6768
1:30pm ~ $200
workshop: UWLC016~ Reiki Atonement #1~ Reiki is the art of facilitating the ancient healing art of Reiki. We prepare the client to accept and receive this universal energy. Each student will learn how to perform this ancient healing art form from top to bottom over a course of 6+ classes within a 4 week period. Monday and Wednesdays 6pm ~ 7:30pm September 11th thru September 28th. First Degree $200

Friday, September 16th
8:30pm ~ $5 RSVP 309-282-6768
Gathering: Full Moon Gathering

Saturday, September 17th
3pm ~ $8
workshop: Ribbon Magick, [beginner] An age old tradition of playing with colored ribbons rooted in folk magick. We shall make a dancing ribbon wand.
4:30pm ~ $30
Workshop: Basket Weaving, Candle Basket,

Thursday, September 22nd
6pm ~ Mabon RSVP A MUST 309-282-6768
Initiation~Dedications Pagan Pride Pot Luck

Saturday, September 24th
Native American, Peoria
1:30pm ~ $25 RSVP IS A MUST 309-282-6768
workshop: Natural energy healing thru nature.
**Energy Flow: Learn how to recognize the flow of natural and healing energy all around in Mother Nature. This workshop is open to everyone.
3pm ~ $5 Native American Drumming Circle.

Egyptian Coven: 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 6pm. Dues.

Voodoo Gathering, 3rd Thursday of each month, 6pm. Dues
[Voodoo, Peoria]

Witches Coven, 4th Tuesday of the month, Dues.

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